Abu opening of an exhibition entitled Nun «molded on»
Date: 30/11/2010   Time: 00:46

Society organized for the development of our children in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza art exhibition of Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Alnmnm «Abu Noon» under the title «molded on» on the occasion of first anniversary of the war the Nazi Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip.

The exhibition opened today applies Darwish, president of the General Union of Cultural Centers in the presence of members of the general and administrative bodies of the Assembly for the development of our children, and the number of people from the camp.

Darwish and across his admiration for the paintings cartoons which was annexed by the exhibition between the flanks, praising the artist «Abu Noon».

Darwish emphasized the importance of holding this exhibition, which carries a message to all the national factions of the Palestinian people to return to a unified national grade and an end to the state of division in light of the continued Zionist aggression against our people.

And the price of Darwish Abu Noon efforts artist who is taking the concerns of the transfer of Palestinian citizens of the world through the brush and his call to end the permanent state of division and fragmentation in the political structure of Palestine.

As the price of our children Darwish efforts Association for the Development of the efforts to build a civil society under the difficult circumstances experienced by our people.

Ashraf said Sahwil Chairman of the Board of Directors of our children for the development of «that the Palestinian people as long as out and still come out like the creators of Naji Al-Ali and Mahmoud Darwish, and others and is able to continue our march to establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem»

He added that the exhibition offers the public the opportunity to camp the beach to watch for paintings in which different ideas, but share in the fun of social and political conditions, especially that the Palestinians have a special relationship with the sketch of the fees during the late great artist Naji Al-Ali.

He said Fathi Abu Sweilem Executive Director of the Assembly that the exhibition included almost fifty panel cartoons varied subject matter between the stages of the political divide, the Palestinian national unity, to break the siege, and in fact the Palestinian Economic and Social Council.

It also reviews the artist Abu Noon through his drawings a number of social issues in Palestine .. The exhibition in the Assembly Hall for three days.

It is worth mentioning that the artist Mohammed Said Alnmnm ID Abu-Noon, 30, of Shati refugee camp in Gaza he studied agricultural engineering specialty food industries and graduated from Al Azhar University, where she was studying for Agricultural Engineering investigation of the desire of parents to Baja Alnmnm and is permanently attached to practice and fine arts and the art of caricature and practiced from the earliest where the nails taken from the walls of his home a place to confess to all the touring Bekhatro .. Even today one of the most prominent cartoonists in Palestine, as well as the orientation of Abu Noon to sing where he produced during this year's vote going to my first two songs on Palestine and the commander of the Second Martyr Abu Ammar entitled to select.